"We Know Hackers Steal People's Identities," President Obama - Feb 2013

There were more than 12 million American's victimized by identity fraud last year. Don't let hackers steal your personal information and commit identity theft. Search for and secure private data before it's too late.

Prevent identity theft by protecting your computer from leaking your personal information! Identity Sweeper searches your entire computer for anything that could be used to commit identity fraud.

Don't ba a Victim Secure Your Files Protect Your Privacy
Tax returns, insurance documents, medical records, sales receipts and other files can contain SSNs, Credit Cards, and other personal data. Identity Sweeper finds and protects this confidential information so you don't have to worry about id theft. Identity Sweeper not only finds unprotected private information, but also provides the tools for you to permanently shred, redact, and encrypt those files. Protect files, e-mail messages and attachments, web browser data, and other system areas. Social security numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, and other highly sensitive personal information are exposed on your computer leaving you and your family vulnerable to identity theft. Don't let hackers, viruses, spyware, and other malicious code steal this information.
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Download Password Sweeper Free or purchase Identity Sweeper or Identity Sweeper Pro to prevent your Windows or Mac computer from causing your identity theft.

Identity Sweeper Identity Sweeper Pro Password Sweeper
Home users protect their privacy by using Identity Sweeper to search their entire computer for unprotected personal information. Once found, they use the Identity Sweeper tools to secure their data so it cannot be used to commit identity fraud, if stolen or hacked. If you want even more power and flexibility, upgrade to Pro and search even deeper. Search more files types, quarantine data, and customize your search. Worried someone might steal the password to your bank account or facebook? Protect them with Password Sweeper for free! All the power of Identity Sweeper but for passwords only. You will be shocked at how many passwords are lying around your computer!
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Compare Identity Theft Prevention Products

Compare the award winning, market leading, identity theft prevention software products.
Identity Sweeper Pro Identity Sweeper Password Sweeper
Search common files on Windows or Mac systems
Search emails in Thunderbird, Outlook for Windows, and Apple Mail
Search email messages and attachments
Search Windows cloud storage folders (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
Search archived and compressed files
Securely save results and reports
Shred, redact, and encrypt files
Find Passwords
Find SSNs, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Driver Licenses, DOBs, and more...
Find Custom Data and your own specific search terms and keywords
Export results to spreadsheet or other applications
Search advanced file types such as MS Access and DBF databases
Quarantine files securely
Additional options to customize your search